Jungle Video DVD Rental System

A group of entrepreneurs want to setup a DVD movie rental company, Jungle Video. This company allows customers in Singapore to rent DVD movie titles online. The Jungle Video shall post the ordered DVDs to the customer. The customer can watch them at his leisure, and when he has finished, he can simply post the DVDs back in the prepaid return envelope. When Jungle Video receives it, it mails him the next movie in his personal movie queue list. It’s that simple. As a member of Jungle Video, a customer can have up to 3 DVDs at one time, with no due dates. So there will always be a movie ready at his home for any family member to enjoy. The shipping is free to the customer.

Before beginning the business, the online system must be available to allow the customers in Singapore to register as member, browse DVD titles, update their personal details, manage their personal list of DVD titles etc. The system must have the necessary functionalities to allow administrators to perform administrative work.

  • The development platform is Visual Studio.NET.
  • Coded in VB.NET and JavaScript.

Source Code : https://github.com/azmiratania/jungleVideo